Colin Lyman

Public Cloud SME,Cloud Architect,AWS Solution Architect Professional,CEO aceIT Consultancy

Name: Colin Lyman

Role: Public Cloud SME

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Top Skills

AWS 11 years
Azure 3.5 years
GCP 2.5 years
Enterprise Cloud Security 7.5 years
Cloud Adoption 9 years
About me

As a highly experienced cloud architect and engineer, with a well-proven background across financial services cloud adoption. My approach is straight forward, recognising strategic, tactical or operational value opportunities and/or blockers; and then help to address them.

An AWS certified Professional Solutions Architect for five years who understands beyond technology challenges and assisting organisations into the Cloud.

Not bound to one CSP, with enterprise experience in engineering, architecting and adopting on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Microsoft's Azure.


This is a selection of the expertise on offer.

Cloud Adoption

Looking to move to the Cloud? aceIT can assist flush out the requirements and key decisions required in making a move. Thinking beyond just technology by looking at culture, people and process.

Digital Transformation

Transforming a traditional organisation to work in new ways isn't easy. However, this term is quite broadly used in which the first step aceIT can help with is to articulate the end-goals and getting the business and technology functions working together which is crucial.

Cloud Architecture

Designing your platforms in the Cloud need to match the strategy and capabilites that your organisation has. The key part to architecture is getting the stakeholders in agreement of the overall solution beit IaaS, PaaS, SaaS or Serverless.

Part 4

Security: friend or foe?

The challenges faced by many organisations; how do DevOps and Security co-exist?

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Part 3

Rome wasn't built in a day.

My third blog in this series where I'll be covering the topic of Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC).

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Part 2

Round and around and around we go (CI/CD)

The second instalment where I cover what does CI/CD mean and how I've implemented it for this website.

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Part 1

Notorious M.V.P

The first in a series of posts about how this very site is architected and costs less than 50p per month to run and took one week from conception to live.

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Current and previous clients.


Azure / 2019-23


GCP / 2018-19

ECS Consultancy

Consultancy / 2018

Sainsbury's Bank

AWS / 2017-18
Tesco Bank

Tesco Bank

AWS / 2015-17

SportsMedia GB

AWS / 2010-15